Sailcloth old

Sail cloth for yacht sails, regatta sails and blue water sails

For the production of our various sails, we only use products from European manufacturers. The dacron and laminate sails are mainly made of cloth from the German sailcloth manufacturer and world market leader Dimension Polyant. Contender is the market leader for spinnaker and gennaker cloths – the Dutch company finishes their cloths with the outstanding German finishing company KBC. But we can also offer you dacron cloth from Contender.

We would be happy to make you an offer with different cloth qualities for comparison. To give you a better feeling for the products and properties, we can also send you cloth samples on request. To do this, simply send us a short message and tell us the sailcloth you want.

We process the following materials, among others:

Dacron sails

Laminate sails / regatta sails

Offshore sails / blue water sails

Spinnaker & Gennaker

Code Zero

Traditional sails / classic sails


  • AP (Dimension Polyant)
  • Heavy (Dimension Polyant)

Coloured (Tan, Brown Beige)

  • Cbreeze color tan & beige (Dimension Polyant)
  • Fibercon AP color: tan & beige (Contender)

Special natural cloth

  • Clipper Canvas (Heath coat)
  • Duradon (British Millerain)

More information can be found on the manufacturer’s website