Sail Service mainsails

The most common form of the mainsail is the cross cut (horizontal cut) made of Dacron cloth. A mainsail made of Dacron in cross cut is characterized by its durability, robustness and easy handling. Our sails are specially reinforced, especially at critical points such as the leeches, reef thimbles or at the sail corners. We may manufacture your mainsail with short battens, partially battened or fully battened according to your wishes. A full batten mainsail not only has a better performance, there is also significantly less noise and beating when hoisting and hauling in the sail. This also has a positive effect on wear and tear. Here you will find detailed information about the equipment of our sails.

The professional software-based calculation of your sail enables us to optimally plan your sail. Only very high quality material from established European cloth manufacturers is used for processing.

Individual sails made to measure

Of course, we plan your sail individually according to your needs and area requirements. In doing so, we take into account an optimal choice of fabric based on your sail area, which should ensure a particularly long lifespan of the sail.

We can make you a binding offer if you enter the detailed dimensions of your sail and your equipment requirements in our dimension sheet and send it to us.


Measurement form old mainsail

Measurement form mainsail on rig

Measurement form old furling mainsail