Equipment of our sails

Equipment of our sails



Basic equipment inshore / coast

  • High quality Dacron cloth from Dimension Polyant (German manufacturer) or Contender (Dutch manufacturer)
  • Generously dimensioned reinforcements
  • doubled cloth along the batten pockets
  • Reef points with strong reinforcements
  • Stainless steel eyelets / thimbles
  • Aluminum headboard
  • Cunningham thimble
  • Leech trim line with clam cleat
  • Triple or zigzag seams, single or double (defined by the sail designer depending on the load)
  • Tell tales
  • Suitable mast slider or luff rope
  • Luff reinforced with an additional strip of cloth
  • Short standard battens
  • Batten pocket end pieces made of plastic
  • Batten pocket closure with velcro on the inside
  • Diamond-shaped reinforcements on the batten ends
  • Modern sail bag with net below


  • Full battens
  • Reefs
  • Windows
  • Class sign / logo
  • Sail numbers
  • Higher quality canvas
  • Advertising on the sail
  • Trim strips / profile strips
  • Mast cars from different manufacturers, e.g. Ronstan Ballslide (ball bearing) or Rutgerson mast cars
  • Batten tensioners e.g. from Ronstan
  • Overhead leech trim line
  • Aluminium clam cleats
  • Foot trim line
  • Sailcut biradial or triradial
  • Reefing blocks e.g. from Rutgerson or Antal



Basic equipment inshore / coast

  • High quality Dacron cloth from Dimension Polyant (Germany) or Contender (Holland)
  • Generously dimensioned reinforcements
  • Stainless steel eyelets & tell tales
  • Leech trim line with clam cleat
  • Triple or zigzag seams, single or double (defined by the sail designer depending on the load)
  • Luff with leech rope or plastic hanks
  • Luff reinforced with additional cloth strips
  • Modern sail bag with net at the bottom

==> The UV protection shown in these photos is an optional extra.


  • Windows
  • Foam strips in the luff (for furling systems)
  • UV protection in the leech and leech (for furling systems), material: masacril or Wheathermax
  • Higher quality canvas
  • Advertising on the sail
  • Aluminium clam cleats
  • Foot trim line
  • Cut biradial or triradial
  • Trim strips / profile strips

Offshore / blue water equipment



Offshore / blue water equipment for mainsail and headsail (for ships from 30 feet) includes in addition to the basic equipment the following features

  • Many additional doublings and reinforcements
  • Extra large corner reinforcements
  • Rutgerson stainless steel press rings or stainless steel rings reinforced with hand-sewn webbing
  • 2 or 3 rows of zigzag stitching (defined by sail designer depending on load) with UV yarn
  • Low-stretch Dyneema woven tape
  • Overhead leech trim line (for larger sails)
  • Aluminum clam cleats (sewn by hand)
  • Dyneema reinforcements in exposed areas
  • Low-stretch Vectran trim lines
  • Sail batten pockets and closures in an extremely stable and resilient design
  • Webbing embedded fittings in luff area
  • 2 trim stripes for better visibility of the sail profile
  • Rutgerson aluminum headboard for mainsail

HydraNet or HydraNet Radial by Dimension Polyant (German manufacturer) or Fibercon Pro Hybrid by Contender (Dutch manufacturer)

Mast car systems from various manufacturers, e.g. Ronstan Ballslide (ball bearings) or Rutgerson mast cars, batten tensioners, reefing blocks e.g. from Rutgerson or Antal, reflecting profile strips, etc.

Gennaker / Spinnaker



  • High-quality spinnaker cloth from Contender (market leader for spinnaker clothes, Dutch manufacturer)
  • Generous reinforcements at the corners and leeches
  • Labeling of the corners for easy handling on board
  • Stainless steel rings at the corners, edged with webbing
  • Triradial cut
  • Modern sail bag
  • Starboard and portside markings with green and red stripes on the leashes for easy handling
  • For larger sails, a combination of different fabric qualities (lighter fabric in the middle, stronger fabric in the corners and leech)
  • Low-priced in standard colors, other colors and individual design possible at extra charge
  • Loose setting or setting with a snuffer / spisock – alternatively furling gennaker for use with furler with special reinforcements of the corners and leeches

traditional sail

  • Special white or tanned Dacron cloth or classic canvas natural cloths from various European manufacturers (Dimension Polyant, Contender, Heatcoat, British Millerain)
  • Vertical, horizontal or mitter cut
  • Generous reinforcements with leather or dyneema webbing in exposed areas
  • 70cm wide lanes
  • Low-stretch steel or dyneema lines in the luff
  • Brass hanks
  • Leech and foot trim lines