When buying new sails for your boat, we always recommend investing in suitable sail covers. This allows you to maintain the quality of your sails for a much longer period of time. They offer protection against dirt and, above all, against harmful UV radiation.

In addition to the manufacture of boat sails, Sail Service has also specialized in the manufacture of sail covers such as lazy bags / main drop systems, main covers and furling covers.

We use masacril® Sea Star acrylic fabric for the sail covers: The fabric consists of high-quality acrylic, especially for spray hoods, biminis and sail covers. The fabric is treated with fluorocarbon and coated with TEFLON®. This increases the water-repellent effect and delays the adhesion of dirt. masacril® Sea Star is available in an uncoated and a coated version, which is chosen depending on the intended use. A PDF with all available colors is available for download at the bottom of this page.


For sail covers:

 masacril® Sea Star uncoated (breathable)

 Cloth weight 300g/sqm

 Water column >360mm

 Light fastness 7 / 8

 Color freely selectable according to sample card

 Manufactured exactly to your desired dimensions

 high-quality YKK zipper


For cockpit covers:

 Coated with masacril® Sea Star

 Cloth weight 330g/sqm

 Water column 1,000mm

 Light fastness 7 / 8

Furling cover

 Up to 8m length, the lines can be guided through eyelets

 Over 8m long roller shackles for guiding the lines

You may enter all your data in the “Furling cover dimension sheet” to have the furling cover manufactured individually for your boat.


Main cover

 consisting of 1 piece

 Minax buttons for closure at bottom

You may enter all your data in the “Main cover dimension sheet” to have the main cover manufactured individually for your boat.

Lazy Bag / Main Drop System

 2-piece with separate mast chimney

 2 versions: 

– with 2 foot ropes for pulling into aluminum profiles or existing rails on the side of the boom

– with 1 foot rope for boom profile (only works with a free-flying foot on the mainsail)

 Minax buttons for closing the bottom of the mast chimney

 optionally with complete accessories (lazy jack lines already assembled, aluminum profile tracks, fastening materials)

 with or without fiberglass rods as desired (these are pushed into a sewn-in tunnel at the top for stabilization)

You may enter all your data in the “main drop system dimension sheet to have the lazy bag manufactured individually for your boat.